Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in mango_icons,
Sarah Marie

bad!fic, iconned!

Bad!fic excerpts, thanks to and badbuffyfic. No author names included to protect the, you know, innocent?
Credit is not necessary for these - they were super easy and I didn't come up with the wonderment that you will find on them. The authors are responsible for all spelling errors, yo. Textures by inxsomniax. Read on, if you dare!

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
Tags: bad!fic, btvs
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Dear sweet Mary on Holy rollerblades.
And darling baby Jesus with a Holy Spirit taco.

Amen to that.

They're all completely awesome, but #2 made me burst out laughing.

Much like bursting through a girl's cervix.
Except hopefully less OMG PAINFUL

Good lord. :)


9 years ago

16 is hilarious!
Amazing icons. #10 and #19 are making me giggle like a crazy person. I should probably go have a casual walk among my feet in order to calm down.
HEE. *snags #2*
Can someone, anyone, puff some cream colored I love you's to me? My cervix has exploded because my passion for these icons festered so hard that it took a flesh walk.

It's urethral.
*dies laughing*

You for the win!


9 years ago

2 and 10 kill me...
These are killing me, but since I am a great big wus, I have to ask, "Are these quotes from actual fics?", before I can use any of them.

Wow. Just. Wow.
They are from actual fics, yes. I may be a horrible person for posting them, but I hope, y'know, not. :)


9 years ago

Number 20 is just sort of an all purpose icon isn't it?
Thanks for these, snagged several. :-)
That was totally my reaction - a classic question, for sure. :)
LMFAO oh lord.
I'm taking plenty!
These are absolutely hilarious! And I bow at the bravery and endurance (those eye-bleeds can be so nasty)it most have taken you to collect them. XD
It took endurance and some serious time-wastage, but I enjoyed every eye-bleeding moment. I think I also got some kind of ab workout from all the laughing. :)
Love and adore number two. Totally snagging.
I'm taking three of them. My mom gave me the link. These are grrrrrrrreat!
Holy cannoli, those are so deliciously bad! #3 and #7 especially made me laugh, and #8 is truly cringe-worthy.

"Crip," huh? As opposed to Blood? And what's with the ladder bit?
The ladder bit is from a story I can only describe as cracktacular, in which the author spends an entire chapter on trying to find a ladder. Joyce doesn't have a ladder, because she is a woman, and only men need ladders. Giles doesn't have one because he's too much of a "book geek" for "yard work". Angel is inside playing with the buttons on the phone, but he wouldn't have had a ladder anyway, more than likely, so they decide to call Xander, who, though the story takes place while the Scoobies are still in high school, is also Construction Worker Guy...and therefore, he has a ladder.

Phew, huh? :)
That fetched a belly laugh. I had to explain myself to the person in the next room. The "burst through her cervix" one (OW!) and the "crip" one. Tee Hee!
Holy crap I laughed so hard that I cried a little bit.
This is almost like a Best-Of-Badfic

Ooh there's an idea!
OoooOOOooh, a dangerous, fabulous idea. *wiggles eyebrows*
These win the internets!
Oh noes! The internets have been won. What will we all do for fun now?

Read the bad!fic over again, maybe? :)
hahahahaaha *snort*

Oh my God, I think I cracked a rib.

*can't stop laughing*

These are so effing funny! Thanks for making them!
Damn those are bad fic. It's amazing sometimes how some people don't realize just how bad their fics are. These are hilarous though. I love em.

I am dead. Right now. DEAD!
*dies laughing*
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